Cyber Attacks on CAD Software: What Should a CAD Engineer Do for CAD Security?

Protect Your Customer

CAD File Security / September 19, 2022

Millions of engineers and designers worldwide use CAD software to create products that improve our…

How Cloud-Based CAD Helps You Work Smarter and Faster

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CAD has come a long way since the days of 2D drawings on paper. Now…

PDM and CAD Security for Remote Collaboration Among Product Design Teams and Engineers


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  You are only as good as your network….This was one of the first things…

Availability Is the Best Ability To Enhance Cloud-Based CAD Performance


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Outside of my professional career, I have spent a substantial amount of time coaching young…

Making Hosted Cloud-Based CAD Solutions Attainable for SMB Engineering & Manufacturing Companies


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Many companies struggle with managing a SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) environment in the cloud…

Our Partner Designpoint is Helping Customers with Remote Desktop CAD

Remote Workforce / April 9, 2020

Designpoint held an informative PDM “Quarantine & Answers” session with one of their own remote desktop…

EpiGrid Can Remove the Barriers to a Remote CAD Team

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Remote Workforce / March 30, 2020

If there’s one lesson we can learn in the beginning of this global pandemic, it’s…

How EpiGrid Remote Desktop CAD Can Help Enable Your Remote Workforce: COVID-19

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We want to take a moment to address the Covid-19 crisis and let you know…

“Aligning” Technology to Enable Cloud-Based CAD – EpiGrid and Alignex Announce Partnership

Uncategorized / January 14, 2020

As our partner channel continues to grow, EpiGrid is happy to announce Alignex as our most recent strategic partner…

EpiGrid and Valley CAD Announce Technology Partnership to Enable CAD in the Cloud

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EpiGrid is pleased to announce our most recent strategic partnership to provide cloud-based CAD and…