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Focus on These CAD Security Considerations While Working Remotely

CAD File Security / December 23, 2022

Remote work has many benefits, but it also comes with its own set of security concerns. One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself while working remotely is to take the time to educate yourself about the risks. Here are some key CAD security points to keep in mind while working remotely with CAD files.

Effective Documentation and Processes

Documentation such as submittals, operating processes, blueprints, and design drawings should be clear and concise. These types of documentation and procedures will help you avoid any potential issues down the road.

Make sure you have processes in place for tracking changes, approvals, and reversals. This step will help you avoid potential problems with file versions, approvals, or communication. If you are using an experienced provider with expertise in the engineering workflow, they could do a few things to help you out, like providing change management tools and a data tracking system.

Manually Verify and Implement Procedures

When working remotely, it is important to ensure you are verifying and implementing procedures yourself. This way, you can be sure that everything is happening as it should.

If you are using a provider, ensure they are doing a good job verifying and implementing procedures for you. They should also have a system in place to track changes and reversals.

Send “Read-Only” Files When Possible

When you are working with CAD files, it is important to send them in “read-only” mode whenever possible. This way, you can be sure that no one edited or tampered with the files.

This manual security measure can be implemented across the entire organization in most cases and reduces human error. If possible, send a link to a file and set an expiration date for that links access.

Shore Up Firewalls

Ensure your firewall is up and running and that you are protecting yourself from potential attacks. This step will help you keep your data safe. Most firewalls have built-in protections for CAD files, so you should not have to do anything extra.

Put NDAs in Place

If you are working with confidential or proprietary information, it is important to put NDAs in place. This step will help to protect the data from being shared inappropriately. These agreements should include all parties involved in remote work, including the provider.

If you are working with other companies, there should be signatures from each of those parties on all NDAs. This documentation will help ensure that the information is safe and not shared without the appropriate permissions.

Other CAD Security Considerations

There are a few other things you should keep in mind when working remotely with CAD files. These include:

  • Make sure you have a reliable backup system in place.
  • Make sure you have a communication system in place that is secure and reliable.
  • Make sure you have a system in place to track changes and reversals.

How Cloud CAD Providers Maintain CAD Security for Your Organization

Cloud CAD providers have extensive experience when it comes to securing your files while working remotely. Here are some of the measures they typically take:

Remote Monitoring and Security

Keeping an eye on your files is important, but cloud CAD providers also have a number of other security measures in place. These include:

Remote Monitoring and Security

Cloud CAD providers typically have remote monitoring and security systems in place. This protection allows them to keep an eye on your files and ensure they are safe.

Remote Change Management

They typically have remote change management systems in place. These management systems allow you to change your files without worrying about them being lost or altered inappropriately.

Security Audit Routines

Cloud CAD providers typically have security audit routines in place. These audits allow them to track changes and reversals and ensure everything goes as it should.

Secure File Sharing

Providers usually have secure file-sharing systems in place. This system helps to keep your files safe from inappropriate access.

Remote File Deletion

They often have remote file deletion systems in place. This remote system helps to keep your files safe from being accidentally deleted.

Sharing Permissions Management

Providers usually have sharing permissions management systems in place. This management system helps to keep your files safe from being shared inappropriately.

File Reconstruction Processes

Finally, they should have file reconstruction processes in place. These processes help to reconstruct files if they are lost or accidentally deleted.

Get the Best CAD Security for Your Remote Team With EpiGrid

In an era of remote work where everyone is working from a different location, it is essential to take measures to protect your data. Cloud CAD providers like EpiGrid can help you safeguard your files and keep your team safe.

Whether you have a cloud-based system, a hosted system, or some hybrid of the two, we can help you secure your files and keep your team safe. Our team of experts can walk you through the process of setting up a secure CAD system, and we can provide you with the best security options for your organization. Contact us today to learn more and speak with an expert.