Virtual & Remote Windows Desktops for CAD

Available in configurations for every user workload. These managed Cloud desktops feature dedicated resources, Windows 10 OS, and optional Nvidia GPU for graphic-intensive applications like SOLIDWORKS. Powerful, convenient, and secure, our managed Cloud desktops can support any workflow.

Configurations for Every Workload

Engineers are not the only ones looking for Cloud desktops. More and more often, typical users need flexible resources to work remotely or augment existing underpowered devices. EpiGrid now offers various configurations for Cloud desktops for every workflow and application need. Unlike other providers, we offer our Cloud desktops at a low fixed monthly cost with no term commitment. Click below to learn more about EpiGrid DaaS options.

Nvidia GPU Accelerated Graphics

Providing a user an experience that matches their desktop is challenging, especially if these users are running CAD or graphic editing applications. EpiGrid Cloud desktops leverage Nvidia GPU’s instances, enabling customers to run resource-hungry graphics applications such as Revit, Petrel, AutoCAD, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, Ansys, SOLIDWORKS, ArcGIS, Adobe Premiere, and more. Click below to learn about Cloud Desktops with Nvidia GPU accelerated graphics.

Workstation Performance Anywhere, on Any Device

Are you struggling to support a remote workforce in the post-pandemic era? Need to scale resources to meet project needs? Love your MAC, but need to run applications that require windows? Our Cloud desktops provide users secure access to a familiar workstation environment running their favorite application from their favorite web browser on any device. Click below to learn more about workstation performance on any device.

CAD in Any Browser

Our clients and potential clients are constantly chanting, “We want CAD in the Cloud.” We hear this all too frequently in the industry, but what does it mean? This phrase implies simply opening a browser to access a familiar CAD environment. Unfortunately, most Cloud-based CAD options out there are anything but typical. They offer a new environment and a new way of accomplishing tasks, and this change can be difficult for many engineers and product design teams.

One of the many advantages of our Virtual CAD Desktop is direct access to a familiar environment via a web browser. Our solution will allow you to securely access your desktop and your applications from your favorite web browser.

Click below and talk to our team about how your team can leverage our virtual desktop infrastructure and solve the computing resource puzzle for your engineering and design team with a Virtual CAD desktop.

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