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We bridge the gap between Engineering and IT teams, accelerating your decision-making between private and public Cloud options while taking the ongoing burden off your IT department to manage the infrastructure. We offer the best Cloud solution for IT infrastructure management.
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You deserve a choice between Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud options for your Cloud hosted CAD solutions. We find you the best hosted CAD solution for both your engineering and IT teams.

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Public Cloud
Want to leverage Azure, AWS, and others to provide global access to CAD files?
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Private Cloud
Need a private environment for your distributed design teams?
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Hybrid Cloud
Need the best of both public and private solutions for your team?

EpiGrid Has the Expertise To Help You Put the Puzzle
Pieces Together for Your CAD Hosted Solutions

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Helping clients host SOLIDWORKS
for 10 years.

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We secure your CAD data in a Tier III data center with easy access.

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The only partner with a hosted solution sold by multiple reseller & channel partners.

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Our products and services are built by engineers for engineers.

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Why EpiGrid?

Our mission is to drive alignment between Engineering & IT teams. We ensure that a mutual understanding of your CAD environment allows your engineers to focus on product design and development while working uniformly with internal, external, and globally distributed teams. Our team will guide you through a digital transformation to increase productivity, improve product quality, and meet global competitive challenges.

We offer you a choice between private, public, and hybrid Cloud options and leverage our experience to help you accelerate your decision-making process. Our goal is to empower your engineering team while eliminating IT constraints, reducing administrative burdens, and improving security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud-hosted CAD software is CAD software that is hosted on a cloud platform and accessed via the internet. It allows users to access CAD files and collaborate in real-time from any device or location.
Yes, cloud-hosted SOLIDWORKS can be worth it for many businesses. It can provide access to a comprehensive suite of CAD tools, improved collaboration, and greater flexibility for remote work. Thanks to more cost-efficient cloud-hosted solutions, more organizations are able to take advantage of SOLIDWORKS in the cloud.
Yes, SOLIDWORKS is available on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides a secure, reliable cloud platform for CAD software, allowing users to access SOLIDWORKS from any device or location.
Yes, SOLIDWORKS can be run on a virtual machine. This allows users to access SOLIDWORKS from any device or location, making collaboration and remote work easier.
PDM stands for Product Data Management. It is a system used to store, manage, and track product data and documents throughout the product life cycle.
CAD and PDM are closely related. CAD is used to create 3D models, drawings, and other design documents, while PDM is used to store, manage, and track product data and documents throughout the product life cycle.
A SOLIDWORKS PDM server is a dedicated server used to store and manage SOLIDWORKS product data and documents. It is used to ensure secure access to product data, automated workflows, and real-time collaboration.
Microsoft SQL is only required for some SOLIDWORKS products including PDM and Electrical. These products need the database to function, and therefore require Microsoft SQL, but it is not necessary for SOLIDWORKS CAD.
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