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How Can Engineering and Manufacturing Teams Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Their Product Data?

Uncategorized / May 4, 2023

Are you an engineering firm or manufacturing firm concerned about the threat of ransomware attacks on your top secret product design files and intellectual property? If so, you can’t just focus on network security, you have to also ensure that you have proper data backups and redundancies if you have an intrusion into your system. The information below explains the difference between the network components and the data components to help you ensure you have a comprehensive ransomware attack solution.


Network Security

As you likely know, a network is a collection of interconnected devices that may include servers, computers, and other hardware. Having a solid strategy in place for network security will protect your engineering and manufacturing firm from a catastrophic intrusion. Your network security is your first line of defense for ransomware. There are many ransomware attack solutions on the market to consider, but in our opinion, Sophos is the definitive leader in network security. Sophos offers a Next-Gen A.I.-powered Global Network Security option.  This powerful network security solution uses machine learning algorithms and behavioral analysis to detect potential threats and stop them in their tracks. With this sophisticated technology, you can stop malicious attacks from bad actors.


Data Backup & Redundancy

Once you have the right network protection in place, you still have to protect your data in the event of an intrusion behind the scenes. To adequately protect your data, it’s important to have the proper data backups and redundancies in place. You must have regular backups of your data and store them in a secure storage solution. That secure storage location could be an on-site backup like a USB or an external hard drive, but we recommend a cloud storage solution across multiple locations. Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular because it’s more reliable and easier to use than on-site backups. The cloud storage solution protects you even if a ransomware attack is successful.  Having this solution in place allows you to quickly restore your data from a previous backup, reducing the attack’s impact.


Solutions to Protect Your Priceless Product Data

If you need network security and data backup and redundancy to protect your intellectual property and product data, look no further than our Ransom Guard solution. We designed our comprehensive solution to detect and prevent ransomware attacks before they can cause damage to your data, giving you the peace of mind that your critical product and engineering data is always safe and secure.


Ransom Guard leverages the Sophos Next-Gen A.I.-powered Global Network Security for PDM/CAD as a key component of our solutionRansomGuard can detect and block even the most advanced ransomware attacks.In addition to Sophos network security, Ransom Guard also utilizes a Total Data Protection solution. Our high-performance, geo-redundant storage solutions ensure your critical data is always safe and secure and making regular backups of your data

Ransom Guard is fully automated, continuously monitoring your system for potential threats and taking immediate action to prevent any ransomware attacks. With Ransom Guard, you don’t have to worry about manual intervention, as the solution takes care of everything. It’s a stress-free way for engineering and product design teams to protect critical product data from ransomware attacks.



With Ransom Guard, you can rest easy knowing that your product data is always protected, no matter what happens. Don’t wait for a ransomware attack to happen; subscribe to Ransom Guard today and give your organization the protection it deserves. Visit our Ransom Guard product page to learn more about our solution and how it can benefit your organization.