Virtual CAD Workstation

How To Log In to the EpiGrid VDI Workstation (VMWare Horizon Client)

Accessing an EpiGrid VDI is incredibly simple. You have the option to log in through the VMWare Horizon client for the most robust experience. This video outlines how to log in with the VMWare Horizon Client.

How To Log In to the EpiGrid Virtual CAD Workstation (HTML through a browser)

Another option for logging into the VDI workstation is through your internet browser. This is a lighter-weight experience than when accessed through the VMWare Horizon client and a great way to log in to that virtual workstation quickly. Once logged into either option, you will be presented with a persistent Windows 10 workstation environment. This means that you can log out of the VDI, and when you log back in, the desktop will be the same, even if you log in from another device.

How To Enable USB Devices and 3D Connexion Devices on an EpiGrid VDI Workstation

We all use USB devices, and most CAD users find 3DConnexion devices to be the perfect interface for commanding their CAD software. We have always maintained the necessity for USB passthrough capabilities that extend all USB connectivity to VDI users. If you plug in a USB hard drive, mouse, or any other device, you will be able to access it in your VDI workstation. This video explains how to enable USB passthrough in an EpiGrid Virtual CAD Workstation.
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