Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

We want to share a few statements from actual customers using the EpiGrid Hosting solution and benefiting from their remote work environment. The effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic did not impact these companies' workforces. They have experienced little to no interruption in productivity because their engineers can work remotely with access to all the tools needed to do their jobs. The EpiGrid Hosting solution enables them to mitigate downtime and potential lost revenue.

Braiden Griffiths, P.E. Water Management Resources

"I never really looked at this as a benefit because our business model has always been focused on teleworking, but we are benefiting now because we are not scrambling to figure out how to set everyone up to work from home. Since we have been teleworking for years, it has been business as usual."

Franco Deblasio, CEO of Clear Automation

"We have been able to move to a fully virtual footing for our engineering processes. Our design review processes with our customers has moved seamlessly to a virtual process that includes our customers which is only possible due to EpiGrid's highly scalable and globally available secure platform."

Glenn Thompson, Controls Engineer at A.W. Stiles Contractors, Inc.

"Covid-19 has been a non-issue for A.W. Stiles in terms of our SOLIDWORKS workflow. We've essentially been unaffected - other than a storage of toilet paper..."

Bill Lebo, Chief Technology Officer at Dive Technologies

"We have 7 engineers working through the vault on a daily basis from kitchens, living rooms, back yards and occasionally the office. All seamlessly. Not sure what we would be doing now if we didn't set this up."

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