Dive Technologies Testimonial

Company Website: www.divetechnologies.com

Located in: Quincy, MA

Customer since: April 2019

Solutions Implemented: Managed virtual private cloud, Hosted PDM Axis Vault

Applications: SOLIDWORKS, PDM

Dive Technologies designs and manufactures next generation Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) that are used to explore the world's oceans.

EpiGrid asked Chief Technology Officer, Bill Lebo, from Dive Technologies about his experience with the EpiGrid solution. Here's what he had to say:

What problem needed to be solved that led you to EpiGrid originally?

"As a start-up, we had a need to start working our design even before we had a place to sit. We moved from coffee shops, to kitchens, to three different offices before we settled into our own facility. In order to make critical progress on our technical design, we needed a cloud storage solution for our CAD data that could be easily and securely accessed from any location."

Why did you select EpiGrid for your hosting solution?

"The EpiGrid solution was tightly integrated with the SOLIDWORKS PDM system which allowed our engineers to work in a familiar environment without the need to learn a new system. Additionally, EpiGrid was able to meet the data storage security requirements of our customers allowing us to maximize the amount of jobs we could bid on."

Did the EpiGrid solution address your critical needs?

"The EpiGrid solution was set up and running almost immediately. The technical support and one-on-one tutorials that were provided to our administrator were extremely helpful and any questions we had were answered promptly. As our team grew, adding licenses to the system was a snap and our engineers barely noticed a difference between the Cloud system and the local server."

How did the EpiGrid solution change or improve your work process?

"We started Dive Technologies and our design effort with EpiGrid from the start. Not having to buy, house and maintain a stand-alone server created immediate efficiencies during a critical time in our start-up."

Most recently how have you benefited from the EpiGrid solution during the COVID-19 crisis?

"When COVID-19 restrictions were put in place our team immediately started working from their own homes. Having this cloud-based system in place made the transition completely seamless to our team of 10 engineers. Collaborating was as easy as hoping on a phone call or sharing our screens while still working from the common vault just as we were doing from the office."

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