What Is EpiGrid?

Engineering and manufacturing firms are asking for Cloud-hosted solutions. Data management and distribution issues are to blame for most inefficiencies your customers face. By partnering with EpiGrid, you can instantly provide your customers with the best Cloud-hosted software solutions tailored to their needs without reinventing the wheel to develop these solutions in-house. Once your clients host their data with EpiGrid, you will have the opportunity to provide a host of additional CAD company cloud services seamlessly with an infrastructure that plays well with all CAD workflows.
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How Did EpiGrid Get Its Start?

When we talk about creating the best cloud CAD software solutions for engineers by engineers, we really mean it. An engineer turned entrepreneur founded EpiGrid as a CAD cloud company to provide contract engineering design and PDM services. In 2008, founder, Chad Garrish, started Edge Innovative Solutions with the simple plan to provide these services. As opportunities for contract services grew, it became critical to subcontract many of the services to other engineers around the country. Using other contractors for help created the same collaboration and data management issues plaguing our customers today.

A Pioneer for the Best Cloud Software

EpiGrid was officially founded in 2011, long before engineers thought about Cloud solutions. With experience and relationships in the managed IT solutions space and becoming one of the first Certified Partners for SOLIDWORKS PDM, EpiGrid became the pioneer in Cloud solutions for hosted SOLIDWORKS and PDM solutions. Over the next seven years, EpiGrid organically grew to host customers across the country and world with its unique hosting offering. As a result of the success in the hosting space, SOLIDWORKS recruited EpiGrid to become a full-service value-added reseller (VAR), so we started a new company called Converge.

What Is EpiGrid?

Your engineering team designs products based on input from internal and external stakeholders. Collaboration is now key. As a leading market CAD cloud company, EpiGrid eliminates many distractions imposed upon your engineering team that stem from software administration, management, and system performance issues.

Your IT team is responsible for understanding the office network, collection of PCs, on-site servers, off-site access, user accounts, and much more. It’s nearly impossible for even the best IT team to understand all of that AND the additional software requirements of the engineering team for their unique design needs. EpiGrid uses the Cloud to connect your engineering department to their CAD tools, PDM, ERP, PLM, and more. Our solutions are reliable, scalable, and economical while being 100% managed and 100% backed up. With easy-to-understand fixed monthly costs, it’s easier than ever to bring your engineering team to the Cloud.

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Converge + EpiGrid Today

In 2018, we founded Converge, a full-service SOLIDWORKS VAR with territories across the continental USA to provide a new level of service to bridge the gap between engineering and IT teams. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we feel extremely flattered. We see other companies striving to reverse engineer what it has taken us ten years or more to build, expand, and enhance. Make no mistake about it. No other company has ten years of experience hosting CAD solutions. We are the leader in bridging the gap between engineering and IT teams because we are engineers by birth with an IT backbone and unparalleled technical expertise.

Why Choose EpiGrid as Your CAD Cloud Company Partner?

Our mission is to drive alignment between engineering & IT teams. We ensure a mutual understanding of your CAD environment and allow your engineers to focus on product design and development while working uniformly with internal, external, and globally distributed teams. We will guide you through a digital transformation to increase productivity, improve product quality, and meet global competitive challenges.

We offer you a choice between private, public, and hybrid Cloud options and leverage our experience to help you accelerate your decision-making process. Our goal is to empower your engineering team while eliminating IT constraints, reducing administrative burdens, and improving security.

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