CAD & PDM Managed IT Support Services for Manufacturing & Engineering Companies

We’ve learned over the past decade that Engineering and IT are often at odds rather than working in harmony. It’s not uncommon for IT to spend most of their time supporting the engineering team due to the complexity of the software and databases required. If your company is IT constrained, EpiGrid provides valuable consultation to help your engineering team with the tools they need while alleviating the burden associated with them.

Comprehensive Managed Services

Through our focus on solving the complex IT issues that engineering groups face every day, we’ve developed a menu of services that supplement the support you or your engineering department receive from an existing IT team. We can deliver these services 100% seamlessly because of our Cloud infrastructure. For the same reasons that enable your team to work anywhere in the world, our Cloud and data center experts can provide comprehensive services to support your whole team with the utmost flexibility. These advanced Managed IT Services are:

  • Performance / resource monitoring and optimization (CPU, HDD, GPU, etc.)
  • Windows OS patch management
  • Data backups (BaaS - Backup as a Service)
  • RansomGuard (threat detection, isolation, and rollback)
  • Network management, security, and threat detection
  • Hardware maintenance, management, and refresh

RansomGuard by EpiGrid. Real Protection Against Malicious & Ransom Attacks

In recent years ransom attacks have been at the forefront of malicious data attacks. The bad actors prey on your lack of security and intrusion prevention. Preventing the intrusion is only half the equation when dealing with bad actors that want to lock up your data. Storage and backup redundancies also play a critical role in any solution.

RansomGuard is a three-layered defense against even the most malicious attacks. The front line of this defense is a next-generation AI-powered intrusion prevention/detection/isolation solution from Sophos. Layers two and three provide data redundancy measures such as incremental snapshots for instant rollback and file-level recovery from redundant and geo-redundant backups. This multi-layered solution gives EpiGrid customers a unique offering of protection and security from outside threats.

Rest assured with best-in-class intrusion protections and data redundancy that you are safe from the perils of ransomware attacks.

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Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service (BaaS) may not be as familiar to you, but we think of it as a cornerstone of our service. We hope that you will never be in a position to use this service, but we don’t like taking chances with our clients’ data. We developed our BaaS so that you, the client, know that your data is secure, even in the event of a crash, hardware malfunction, or even accidental file deletion. You can sleep well at night knowing that we have a failsafe to help you avoid disaster if all else fails.

Backup as a Service (BaaS) works as a rolling backup of your entire Cloud environment. EpiGrid provides geo-redundant backups to multiple data centers that include a minimum 7-day retention policy, including file-level recovery, to give you peace of mind. No matter what happens, you can be sure that your data is safe, secure, and available when you need it.

SQL Licensing Compliance

Have you experienced the headaches of trying to understand the complicated web of licensing compliance that surrounds Microsoft SQL? If so, then you probably never want to again. That’s ok. We’ve taken the time to unravel the web of licensing conditions to provide our customers with multiple cost-effective options for their SQL workload needs. Whether you need a hosted SQL database specific to an application like SOLIDWORKS PDM or something entirely different, EpiGrid can provide you access to SQL instances that include Software Assurance and unlimited access licenses for up to 50% off equivalent SQL packages.

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