Comprehensive Managed Services

You want a Cloud solution but not all the IT burdens that usually accompany it. At EpiGrid, we understand this. All of our Cloud solutions are 100% managed and monitored so you can focus on your normal work without the worries of system maintenance.

Performance / Resource Monitoring and Optimization

Windows Patch

Network Security Monitoring and Endpoint Antivirus Management

Backup as a

Performance / Resource Monitoring and Optimization

Every virtual instance is centrally monitored and co-managed by EpiGrid and its providers to ensure that your environment is running optimally and resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage are appropriately prescribed. Should any issues arise, resources are proactively adjusted to prevent any disruptions.

Windows Patch Management

Often overlooked, patch management plays a big role in system performance and, more importantly, security. Patches are often released at a fever pace. Some of these are critical, and some are not. All of them have the opportunity to wreck a system if the patch is not deployed properly. Our patching process first deploys these patches for two weeks across various development environments where some of our most common applications, such as SOLIDWORKS and PDM, are hosted. Following verification, patches are then rolled out to production environments.

Network Security Monitoring and Endpoint Antivirus Management

Our security offering includes endpoint AV and centralized network monitoring and management service. Sophos Intercept X is installed on every instance within the environment to provide endpoint signaling to our firewalls and Sophos Central management console. Our team of engineers monitors and provides a managed response to any threats.

Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS) may not be as familiar to you, but we think of it as a cornerstone of our service. We hope that you will never be in a position to use this service, but we don’t like taking chances with our customers’ data. We developed our BaaS so you, the client, know that your data is secure even in the event of a crash, hardware malfunction, or even accidental file deletion. You can sleep well at night knowing that we have a failsafe to help you avoid disaster if all else fails.

Backup as a Service (BaaS) works as a rolling backup of your entire Cloud environment. EpiGrid provides geo-redundant backups to multiple data centers that include a minimum 7-day retention policy, including file-level recovery, to give you peace of mind. No matter what happens, you can be sure that your data is safe, secure, and available when you need it.

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