Cloud-Based CAD Hosting Solutions

Engineering and Manufacturing groups are often the last groups in the office to drastically change systems or tools, even when it’s in their best interest to upgrade.

There are several reasons for this, such as difficulty with adoption, high costs, and often over-hyped features that don’t address the core problems designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals face. The EpiGrid cloud-based CAD solutions address these main hurdles and more by providing flexibility and expertise at every step of the way.

Global Hybrid Cloud-Based CAD Global Hybrid CAD Cloud Solution

Virtual & Remote CAD Desktop Virtual & Remote CAD Desktop

Managed Cloud Servers Managed CAD Cloud Servers

Global Data Centers Azure Global CAD Data Centers

Shield 360 Endpoint Managed Security Shield 360 Endpoint Managed Security

High-Performance Geo Redundant Storage Solutions High-Performance Geo Redundant Storage Solutions

Certified SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud Certified SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud logo

Global Hybrid Cloud Solution

Global Hybrid CAD-based Cloud Solution

Your organization is unique. A hybrid Cloud-based CAD approach provides IT flexibility to combine the right infrastructure for each workload. By combining the performance and physical controls of our private Cloud with the global availability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure, our hybrid Cloud solution provides reliable access to users around the world.

Virtual CAD Desktop (Windows 10)

Looking for more effective ways to work remotely? Ever needed extra computing power to offload SOLIDWORKS Simulations or visualize renderings? Love your MAC, but need to run CAD? Ever added a new employee or contractor and struggled with delays getting the hardware they need? These Managed Cloud Desktops boast dedicated resources and are available in various configurations to meet the needs of every workflow. Each instance is equipped with Windows 10 OS and NVIDIA GPUs to give you the performance you expect from a typical CAD workstation on any device. Click below to learn more about Managed Cloud Desktops from EpiGrid.

Virtual & Remote CAD Desktop

Managed CAD Cloud Servers

Managed Cloud Servers

Sourcing a server is easy. Managing that server over its lifespan? That’s a bit harder. One of our core services that provides a ton of value to our clients is our Managed Servers. With this service, you receive a fully accessible, modern-spec server that you don’t have to rack, patch, update, tinker with, or futz around with. We handle the hard part, you just access your data and tools from anywhere in the world. What’s your greatest IT burden? Let us make it disappear. Click below and talk to our team about your options for Managed Servers.

Global Data Centers

Whether it is private Cloud or Microsoft Azure Public Cloud, you can rest assured the data centers used in our solutions meet the most stringent security controls and compliances such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, SOC 3, Safe Harbor, NIST. Click below to learn more about EpiGrid global data centers.

Azure Global Data Centers

Shield 360 Endpoint Managed Security

Shield 360 Endpoint Managed Security

Shield 360 Endpoint is our 100% Managed Security Solution.

  • Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) With Detection and Response
  • Continuous Internal and External Vulnerability Scanning With Remediation
  • Operating System and Critical Component Patching
  • AV/Anti-Malware, DNS Web Filtering
  • AD Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication

Learn how EpiGrid leverages next-generation managed security solutions to ensure your data is secure and accessible globally.

High-Performance Geo Redundant Storage Solutions

The biggest driver in application performance is disk latency. User experience is dependent on a solution’s ability to read-write with little to no latency, and storage redundancy is critical for data security and disaster recovery. Our domestic private Cloud utilizes high-performance RAM accelerated SSD storage arrays to provide the fastest Cloud storage solutions on the market. Unlike public cloud options, where performance is based on a single disk’s performance with data replicated to other disks for durability, we have implemented a true Enterprise Grade Storage Area Network in multiple geographies. This "RAM accelerated" solution uses a large amount of RAM to buffer write operations. Typical storage latencies under 2ms eliminate any performance issues commonly attributed to saving data. Immutable snapshots are created four times daily and retained for five days for no wait point in time recovery. These snapshots and daily bare-metal backups are fully encrypted and replicated to geographically distributed data centers and are an integral part of our RansomGuard solution. With respect to our MS Azure Public Cloud, we only use premium SSD storage. Local snapshots protect data, and all data is replicated to a secondary regional Azure Data Center to meet our standard 7-day redundancy and file-level recovery services. Click below to learn more about EpiGrid's high-performance redundant storage solutions.

High-Performance Geo Redundant Storage Solutions

Certified SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud logo

Certified SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud

SOLIDWORKS is by far the industry-leading CAD suite in the world. Most design/engineering firms are tied into the SOLIDWORKS infrastructure at some level and will be for the foreseeable future. We have comprehensive knowledge of all CAD suites and tailor our solutions accordingly, but our primary focus has always been providing robust Cloud-based solutions for CAD SOLIDWORKS users specifically. As a Certified Gold Partner with SOLIDWORKS, we can work very closely with SOLIDWORKS and PDM developers to better integrate these industry-leading products into our Cloud Infrastructures. Click below and talk to our team about taking SOLIDWORKS to the Cloud.

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