Clear Automation Testimonial

Company Website:

Located in: Southington, Connecticut

Customer since: June 2017

Solutions Implemented: Managed virtual private cloud, GPU enabled VDI

Applications: SOLIDWORKS, PDM

Clear Automation is a leading robotic systems integrator specializing in flexible industrial automation techniques. Clear Automation’s key strengths include Industrial Robotics, Automation Design, Machine Vision, PLC’s, Line Tracking, and custom PC Applications which are deployed to assemble, inspect, label, laser mark, dispense, and package products. Industries served include Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Aviation, Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, and Industrial Processes.

EpiGrid asked CEO Franco Deblasio from Clear Automation about his experience with the EpiGrid solution. Here's what he had to say:

What problem needed to be solved that led you to EpiGrid originally?
"We needed to upgrade to PDM and had a desire to leapfrog in CAD technology."

Why did you select EpiGrid for your hosting solution?
"EpiGrid offered the most comprehensive hosting solution including acting as CAD admin."

Did the EpiGrid solution address your critical needs?
"Yes, our three requirements for a hosted solution where SLA for latency and availability, complete ownership of the architect of the environment and comprehensive disaster and business continuity plan as it related to the environment."

How did the EpiGrid solution change or improve your work process?
"The solution enabled us to move to a flexible work environment that could easily adapt and evolve to our changing needs. We were able to pull our engineering teams together into collaborative and creative meetings that included both onsite and off-site team members and do so with no impact on the performance of our CAD tools. This allowed us to expand our engineering team to include SME on a project by project bases. We were able to consider and use SME that would have not been economical for us to consider without an environment that was able to easily scale and be available globally."

Most recently how have you benefited from the EpiGrid solution during the COVID-19 crisis?
"We have been able to move to a fully virtual footing for our engineering processes. Our design review processes with our customers has moved seamlessly to a virtual process that includes our customers which is only possible due to EpiGrid's highly scalable and globally available secure platform."

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