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Protecting CAD Files and Preventing IP Theft With CAD Security

CAD File Security / December 23, 2022

IP theft is one of the biggest business threats today, as companies lose billions of dollars to intellectual property theft each year. Protecting your company’s CAD files and workflows against IP theft is one of the best ways to protect your business. Here’s how to implement CAD security and protect your company’s IP.

Go Beyond Password Protection

One of the simplest ways to protect your CAD files and workflows against IP theft is to encrypt them using a strong password. However, passwords are sometimes easily stolen, and even if someone doesn’t have access to your computer, they can still view the encrypted files if they have the correct password.

Instead, consider using a secure encryption method, such as AES-256-bit encryption, which is very difficult to crack. Additionally, consider using a secure file storage method, such as a cloud-based storage service, to protect your files. Cloud storage can be monitored at all times by specific cyber security software. With the right software, security can be applied using the latest, most up to date protection methods monitored by cyber security experts.

Enterprise DRMĀ  is the best way to protect CAD tools and various file formats from unauthorized access. With DRM, you can control who has access to your files and prevent them from being copied or shared without your permission.

Protect Your Network

Another way to protect your CAD files and workflows against IP theft is to protect your network. Ensure you have a strong firewall and antivirus protection and keep your computer and network safe by using strong passwords and encryption.

Additionally, ensure a backup system is in place if your computer or network is compromised. You should regularly back up your CAD files or let your cloud CAD provider handle this process for more advanced security.

Use a Cloud-Hosted CAD Provider With a Focus on Security

One of the best ways to protect your company’s CAD files and workflows against IP theft is to use a cloud-based CAD provider with expertise and focus on security. These providers use various security measures, including encryption, backups, and monitoring to protect your files from unauthorized access.

Additionally, these providers often have experienced IT security staff who can help you protect your company’s data from theft.

CAD Security Starts With EpiGrid

The EpiGrid CAD platform provides a secure solution for safeguarding your company’s CAD files and workflows with no productivity loss. EpiGrid offers strong encryption, authentication, and authorization features, as well as malware protection and data loss prevention. Back up your files and ensure they are protected from IP theft and other threats. Contact EpiGrid today to learn more about our CAD security solutions and speak with an expert.