Availability Is the Best Ability To Enhance Cloud-Based CAD Performance

CAD in the Cloud / May 5, 2022

Outside of my professional career, I have spent a substantial amount of time coaching young athletes. One of my favorite motivational statements when coaching young people is, “your ‘best ability is your availability.’” Think about it, if the player is “unavailable” either physically or mentally, the desired outcome will not likely be realized. As it turns out, cloud-based CAD solutions are not so different.

Many global engineering and IT teams at manufacturing companies or boutique engineering firms struggle with cloud-based CAD performance. This is mainly a result of the lack of availability of cloud resources in close proximity to the end-users, which plays a large part in latency and, ultimately, user experience and productivity. This article explores how our new Hybrid Cloud Solution provides our customers with the ultimate cloud solution for global cloud availability and the lowest latency to boost team performance.

Do You Need a Private Cloud-Based CAD Hosting Environment? 

Cloud hosted CAD

Over the years, we have maintained a multi-datacenter footprint for our domestic Private Cloud Hosting to support hosted SOLIDWORKS and CAD customers on each coast and throughout North America. Our robust private cloud offering boasts high-speed multi-provider internet and is connected to all of our Global Data Centers via our Sophos Next-Gen A/I Powered Cybersecurity Global Network and meets all the expected compliances such as SOC I & II, PCI, and HIPAA. With expanded availability, redundancy, and improved network performance, manufacturing and engineering customers domestically accessing our cloud-based CAD platform are never far away from an optimal user experience and peak team performance.


Are You Looking for Global Public Cloud Availability With MS Azure?


For over ten years, we have supported manufacturing and engineering customers with global operations and enabled them to collaborate seamlessly on product design and development. However, until recently, our offering was limited to some private cloud resources in the UK. For years, we fielded questions and requests for public cloud offerings such as MS Azure, AWS, etc. Our global manufacturing clientele expanded their operations and needed optimum cloud performance to keep their design teams productive and efficient. Today we are excited to announce we have answered the call of global resource availability with our new Managed MS Azure Offering to improve the performance of our clients looking to manage CAD in the cloud seamlessly. To support our engineering and IT teams in Europe and Asia, we have connected MS Azure data centers in the UK (London) and APAC (Singapore) to our secure global network. With global resource availability and network security, we have enabled manufacturers and engineering firms to create a collaborative infrastructure that accommodates their global operations for CAD, PDM, and more.

Are You Concerned About Managing Your Cloud-Based CAD Data?

Throughout our history, our focus has always been to make cloud solutions easy and attainable by eliminating IT resource constraints and workload burdens by providing Comprehensive Managed Services. Expanding CAD solutions globally across multiple platforms creates a challenge for many providers. In our case, we have improved our abilities by implementing a central management console that provides us with a comprehensive view of our customers’ cloud resources to help us effectively manage the solution for you and save you time. We provide performance monitoring, resource optimization, Windows patch management services, and network security monitoring through this console, giving our customers a hassle-free global hybrid cloud experience.

Five Questions To Ask Your Cloud-Based CAD Provider

Before you enter into a cloud-based CAD agreement with your CAD solutions partners or another provider, here are a few questions we suggest you ask. Asking these questions ensures that you are getting a solution that will deliver premium performance and productivity to your design teams:

  1. Does your solution provide resource availability to support global operations?
  2. How is your data secured in a global cloud solution?
  3. What are your responsibilities for the administration and management of the solution?
  4. Do you have experience successfully implementing PDM globally on a cloud solution?

If they struggle to answer these questions, you may want to consider alternative options by learning more about our global hybrid cloud options by speaking with one of our Cloud-based CAD experts.