EpiGrid and Valley CAD Announce Technology Partnership to Enable CAD in the Cloud

Uncategorized / December 13, 2019

EpiGrid is pleased to announce our most recent strategic partnership to provide cloud-based CAD and PDM. Welcome aboard Valley CAD. Valley CAD joins the ranks of other SOLIDWORKS VARs, like Converge and DesignPoint, offering Cloud and hosting solutions to their SOLIDWORKS users. This partnership will enable Valley CAD to deliver scalable hosted architecture and top-level security to their SOLIDWORKS customers.

The Gold Standard for Cloud-Based CAD 

EpiGrid is the pioneer of SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud and has become the Gold Standard when it comes to managed Cloud hosting solutions for SOLIDWORKS, MCAD, and ERP. EpiGrid is the only SOLIDWORKS Service Partner authorized to deliver Cloud solutions. Our private Cloud implementation offers companies the security they need for their intellectual property while also providing predictable costs. 

Since pioneering these Cloud-hosted technologies for SOLIDWORKS users, EpiGrid has perfected the roll-out and transition phase of implementing these Cloud-based CAD and PMD solutions and they have led the transition for SOLIDWORKS users to the Cloud for improved mobility, security, and collaboration.

“The writing’s on the wall,” said Chad Garrish, EpiGrid CEO and Founder. “SOLIDWORKS users are moving to the Cloud. With Cloud tools increasing in power and performance almost daily, it’s no surprise that EpiGrid has already performed hundreds of successful Cloud-hosted PDM implementations throughout North America. We’re excited to welcome Valley CAD to the EpiGrid Channel – they share our passion for providing the highest level of customer service as well as providing innovative solutions.”

As a newer reseller of SOLIDWORKS in the Central Valley of California, Valley CAD is pleased to be able to offer this solution to current SOLIDWORKS users along with being able to offer EpiGrid’s Cloud based solution to the robust list of products that SOLIDWORKS offers to new customers. EpiGrid’s product will enable Valley CAD’s clients to have a premium, top-level hosted network that will enable them to utilize SOLIDWORKS in an even more efficient way providing a better working solution for the client.

“Valley CAD has been the go-to solution for companies when the designing gets tough,” said Peter Estes, Owner of Valley CAD. One of the biggest concerns we hear from our clients revolves around file management. This made it a no-brainer for Valley CAD to partner with EpiGrid. They have a cutting edge technology for SOLIDWORKS operators.”


“When we introduce a company to SOLIDWORKS, one of their first questions is, ‘How should we manage our data?’ I always recommend a special file name structure, but also having standards in place for the flow of the file from concept to being released to being manufactured. SOLIDWORKS has great tools in place for this such as PDM. Joining SOLIDWORKS PDM with EpidGrid technology is going to make this daunting task of file structure and workflows feel like a walk in a park.”

About EpiGrid:

EpiGrid is a comprehensive information system service provider with a passion for supplying hardware and software technology solutions for engineering industries. We focus on engineering software implementation and management, data management systems, and design optimization technology. EpiGrid provides a full range of hosted and Cloud-enabled engineering environments.

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Visit http://www.epigrid.com or call +1-470-248-1013


About Valley CAD:

Valley CAD is a Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, SOLIDWORKS Reseller and Training company in the Fresno Area. Their designers are Certified SOLIDWORKS Experts. Their mission is to assist Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Manufacturing Companies with developing ideas and dreams – from napkin sketches, to working products – with Engineering, Drafting, and 3D Printing Services. Hear directly from the owner of Valley CAD here.


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Visit https://www.valleycad.com/ or call +1-559-726-2276