Why Become an EpiGrid Partner?

Engineering and manufacturing firms are asking for Cloud-hosted solutions. Data management and distribution issues are to blame for most inefficiencies your customers face. By partnering with EpiGrid, you can instantly provide your customers with Cloud-hosted solutions tailored to their needs without reinventing the wheel to develop these solutions in-house. Once your clients host their data with EpiGrid, you will have the opportunity to provide a host of additional CAD services seamlessly with an infrastructure that plays well with all CAD workflows.

Expand Your Service Offering To Include Hosting & Cloud Solutions

When you become an authorized EpiGrid partner, you will be able to deliver services of all kinds like never before. Since you hold the keys to your customers’ data, you will be able to diagnose software/UI issues, provide simulation support, manage that data in a way that promotes best practices, and many other services. You’ve never been this close to your customers’ data, so we hope you will find multiple new ways to engage with your customers in a meaningful way by providing flexible and secure data access through the Cloud.

Reduce Your Tech Support Burden

The reason EpiGrid exists is due to the massive rift that exists between the engineering and IT teams. It often seems like these two crucial teams are in a battle with one another when it comes to data security and access. This conflict exists because data management across multiple locations with several users is just plain complicated. We understand the specific needs of the engineering team but also live in the IT world with a deep understanding of data centers and server systems. You don’t want to speak IT, so EpiGrid can do it for you and reduce your burden to support your client’s technical needs while offering a Cloud solution to help them collaborate more efficiently.

Develop Deeper Relationships and Retain Your CAD Clients

EpiGrid is an OEM solution for a reason. We rely on a network of resellers who are content specialists in their respective fields to identify needs best addressed with a Cloud solution. Through this network, we’ve identified several potential avenues for you as the software reseller to provide more value, thereby deepening your relationships with your customers allowing you to retain them long term. With secure access to your clients’ environment, you have unlimited opportunities for delivering services beyond just the sale of software and/or subscription services.

Recurring Revenue Opportunities

Providing CAD solutions to your engineering and design clients requires increasing IT support to implement complex software suites effectively. These complex solutions provide challenges and opportunities for CAD resellers. Adding EpiGrid’s Cloud-hosted solutions to your product mix means adding recurring revenue streams to augment your existing software and services. Your clients will see the value in a monthly recurring payment schedule for Cloud tools that improve their workflow while building a predictable revenue stream for your reseller business.

We Help You Launch Your Clients Quickly and Easily

One of the most important considerations for your clients is how difficult it is to deploy a Cloud solution. In our experience, if there’s an overly complex rollout, the chance of full adoption of any given solution drops significantly. We deploy our solutions in an easy-to-understand way to the end client and give our partners the tools needed to support that client after the fact. We complete most Cloud-hosted deployments within a two-week timeframe.

We Support Your Client’s Remote Workforce

Let's face it, the need for remote access to CAD tools is not going away any time soon. If anything, working from home or on the road is becoming the new normal, and you want a way to support these remote CAD users. With EpiGrid's Cloud solutions, any CAD user can leverage the Cloud to work remotely, no matter where they are or what CAD suite they use. Check out our Windows 10 CAD Virtual Desktop offering to see if it fits your client's needs.

Ready To Start Your Journey to the Cloud?