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Looking for Ways To Get Customers To Adopt Cloud Solutions as a CAD Reseller?

Increase CAD cloud adoption

How Can I Increase Cloud Adoption and Bring Maximum Value to My Customer

Cloud solutions are everywhere, and many companies are searching for new ways to leverage the Cloud to improve their productivity and workflow. New SaaS solutions like 3DExperience Platform, Onshape, Fusion, and more are all poised to ascend to the mantle of the new “standard” for CAD solutions in the engineering world. The challenge with these solutions for many engineering and design firms is that they require users to uproot their existing workflow and the tools they know and love and move to a new environment.

Powerful CAD Reseller Cloud Services
What if a Cloud-hosted platform could take the IT headaches out of the equation by allowing the customer to use the CAD tools they know and love? Luckily, there is EpiGrid. With options for private, public, or hybrid Cloud approaches, EpiGrid has the tools and expertise to bridge that gap between the engineering team and IT team to deliver a system that’s powerful, easy to use, and fits within most budgets. We help our CAD reseller partners grow their value proposition and speed adoption of the Cloud.

How Can the EpiGrid Solution Help Me Shorten the Sales Cycle?

If we have learned anything from 10+ years of offering Cloud solutions, selling the Cloud to engineers isn't easy! Performance, security, compliance, latency, the list goes on and on. Ultimately our customers need it to work.
EpiGrid provides its reseller partners with expert support to understand finer IT details and explain how they impact the user experience. More importantly, however, EpiGrid provides all of its VAR partners with a Cloud environment that easily enables product evaluations for all customers. We provide your sales team with demo vaults and VDI workstations that you can securely deploy within 20 minutes to give potential clients a real-world test drive with their data on their local network. As long as you have the correct stakeholders testing out the demo environments, potential clients should be able to push and pull files into and out of the vault from various external locations to make sure they meet all performance points for each location. EpiGrid also has a team of SOLIDWORKS, PDM, and Cloud experts to ensure that your team is fully supported while supporting your customers.
Product evaluations on the EpiGrid solution shorten the sales cycle and set clear expectations for your client's user experience after the sale.

Shorten the sales cycle
Reduce your technical support

Concerned About the Added Technical Support Burden of a Cloud Solution?

It is natural to assume that supporting a Cloud solution would further tax your support department already overloaded with tickets and projects. However, EpiGrid’s managed Cloud solutions reduce your overall support burden when properly deployed.
Have you ever considered how much time your technical support experts spend navigating customer IT issues with limited access? Unfortunately, it’s almost unavoidable - the inherited albatross that comes with the responsibility of providing subscription service.
Take control of your increasing support burden. As an EpiGrid partner, you have secure access to your customers’ environment, enabling you to provide additional support and services that will strengthen your relationships.

Looking To Add Recurring Revenue Streams?

One of the biggest challenges with most Cloud solutions is understanding the actual cost of the solution. Most options are jigsaw puzzle pieces of variable cost resources billed based on user consumption. These variations make it almost impossible to build a predictable monthly revenue stream confidently.

All EpiGrid products and services are under a fixed monthly MSRP and VAR cost structure, so you avoid the horrors of unexpected overage fees and enjoy a predictable margin for meeting your customers' Cloud needs.

internet security data protection
video call and remote collaboration

Troubled Over How To Support Clients With a Remote Workforce?

Whether your engineering team operates in one office, two offices, ten offices, or no offices, EpiGrid can provide your team with a fully managed Cloud-hosted infrastructure that securely ties into your existing IT environment. We are an IT company that speaks engineering. We’ve invested heavily in private, public, and hybrid Cloud resources to seamlessly integrate your existing engineering data and tools with the rest of the office. Click below to learn more about how we enable seamlessly distributed workforces for CAD resellers.

Protect Your Customer From Competitive Cloud Solutions

The last thing you want is for your customers to switch CAD systems because their current system doesn’t enable effective collaboration. Issues such as engineers’ resistance to change and love for their existing CAD tools lead to slow adoption of SaaS solutions. This hesitancy is leaving the door open to competitor solutions. A Cloud solution for the existing tools is critical for protecting those customers from competitors. Without one, you leave your customers exposed.
Engineers are notoriously resistant to change for several reasons, but the steep learning curve required when adopting new tools is high on that list. This resistance is commonplace with SaaS solutions in the engineering space. The Cloud is embraced and used everywhere else in the office, but the engineering team resists as long as they’re allowed. Not entrenching your customers with robust, powerful Cloud solutions that integrate their existing tools may drive them in a different direction.
EpiGrid is at the forefront of the CAD in the Cloud movement. The strategy to empower customers to move their existing applications and workflows to the Cloud instead of having to upend their existing workflows is the key distinction. This approach helps retain your customers until the adoption of newer SaaS CAD tools picks up pace.

protect your customer from competing cloud solutions
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