Hosting & Cloud Solutions

Engineering and manufacturing groups are often the last groups in the office to drastically change systems or tools, even when it’s in their best interest to upgrade. Issues such as performance, user experience, expertise, and cost affect adoption and ultimately create barriers when addressing the core problems designers, engineers, and manufacturing professionals face. Our solutions address these main hurdles and provide flexibility, expertise, and added value to the engineering/manufacturing solution workflows.

Managed Private Cloud Environment

When you need the utmost control over your Cloud-hosted engineering infrastructure, the Managed Private Cloud environment provides the best performance, as well as a scalable resource for engineering groups. Whether you have an existing on-site server infrastructure or none at all, the Managed Private Cloud environment checks all the boxes for a world-class Cloud solution. It is your server in the Cloud that meets every compliance. The best part of this solution is that it is 100% managed by EpiGrid so that your team can focus on designing and engineering the products you sell. Click below and talk to our team about our Managed Private Cloud environment for your CAD, data management, and hosting needs.

Managed MS Azure Cloud

During 10+ years of delivering private Cloud solutions, customers asked hundreds of times about MS Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud solutions. Initially, we chose to stay away from these options due to complexity and variable cost. If you have ever tried to quote or spec one of these services, you probably remember the feeling of utter confusion. Over time the call for a Public Cloud offering has grown, and now EpiGrid is answering.

We introduce the new Microsoft Azure Public Cloud offering by Epigrid. Offered in Europe and APAC regions to service our international customers, we combine the performance and availability of Azure with the security of our Global Sophos network, and our comprehensive Epigrid managed services to create this best in class global Public Cloud solution. We didn't stop there. We leveraged our 10+ years of resource usage data to remove the variable cost and provide this solution under the simple, fixed monthly resources pricing that has set EpiGrid apart from other providers.

Sophos Secure Global Network

In the world of Cloud services, you are only as good as your network. Think about it. It doesn't matter how good your infrastructure is if you can't reliably and securely access the environment—emphasis on securely.
Malicious attacks are an unfortunate reality in today's world, and over the last couple of years, this topic has come home to dominate the discussion about network and data security. EpiGrid worked with Sophos to build a best-in-class secure global network solution that is the backbone of our hybrid solution to address this issue. Connecting data centers in Ohio and Nevada and abroad in Europe and Asia, this solution provides our customers maximum connectivity for the lowest latency and best network performance. This centrally managed and monitored solution is the lynchpin of our RansomGuard solution and boasts powerful Sophos features such as:

  • Next-generation deep learning anti-virus/anti-malware
  • Next-generation firewalling with IPS/IDS/ATP
  • A/I-driven security with endpoint signaling
  • Threat detection and threat isolation
  • Self-healing and prevention of lateral movement of threats

Don't lose sleep over network security and performance. Learn about how EpiGrid is leveraging next-generation, A/I powered, cyber security network solutions to help everyone (except the hackers) sleep a little easier.

Managed Servers

Sourcing a server is easy. Managing that server over its lifespan, well, that’s a bit harder. One of our core services is our Managed Servers. These servers provide a ton of value to our clients. With this service, you receive a fully accessible, modern-spec virtual server inside a private network on our secure Sophos Global network covered by comprehensive Epigrid Managed Services.

We handle the hard part, and you access your data and tools from anywhere in the world. What’s your greatest IT burden? Let us make it disappear. Click below and talk to our team about your options for Managed Servers.

High Performance RAM Accelerated Storage

Whether it is a laptop or a Cloud solution, a system's ability to read-write with little to no latency is critical to the user experience. In the past, we would never buy a new PC, server, or any device without a conversation about storage size and speed. Yet as we move to Cloud solutions, actual system specifics are hard or impossible to determine.
EpiGrid utilizes redundant, high-performance, RAM accelerated storage arrays to provide the fastest Cloud storage solutions on the market. As we all know, read operations are much faster than write. This "RAM accelerated" solution uses a large amount of RAM to buffer write operations and eliminate any performance issues commonly attributed to saving data.
Our RansomGuard solution backs these storage systems using incremental snapshots for instant rollback and file-level recovery from geo-redundant backups.

Microsoft Virtual CAD Desktop

Have you ever added an employee only to find that there isn’t a computer available for that new hire on day one? Or do you have a team that could utilize extra computing power to offload SOLIDWORKS Simulations or visualize renderings? Love your MAC, but need to run CAD? We’ve developed our Microsoft Virtual CAD Desktop Infrastructure to address these needs and many more. Clients frequently update us with creative new ways to utilize full-on Windows desktops with NVIDIA graphics processing capabilities in the Cloud. Now your engineers don’t need a laptop with a fancy GPU, excess RAM, or additional processing power. Click below and talk to our team about how your team can leverage our virtual desktops and solve the computing resource puzzle in your office.

Certified SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud

SOLIDWORKS is by far the industry-leading CAD suite in the world. Most design/engineering firms are tied into the SOLIDWORKS infrastructure at some level and will be for the foreseeable future. We have a comprehensive knowledge of all CAD suites and tailor our solutions accordingly, but our primary focus has always been specifically providing robust Cloud solutions for SOLIDWORKS users. As a Certified Gold Partner with SOLIDWORKS, we’re able to work very closely with SOLIDWORKS and PDM developers to integrate these industry-leading products into our Cloud Infrastructures. Click below and talk to our team about taking SOLIDWORKS to the Cloud.

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