EpiGrid Presents Their Best Cloud CAD Software at SLUGME

Uncategorized / December 12, 2019

Each year, SOLIDWORKS User Groups from around the country band together to create an event so large, that it requires its own acronym. In November, EpiGrid was able to participate in the SOLIDWORKS Largest User Group Meeting Ever, AKA SLUGME. We were incredibly proud to see Phillip Lewis and Benjamin Weir of Converge, a SOLIDWORKS reseller, present on their best cloud CAD software on behalf of EpiGrid at their local chapters that participated in the SLUGME event.

Phillip and Ben collaborated on a presentation that each was able to present live before the worldwide broadcast of the SLUGME event. Ben presented at the South Central New Jersey SWUG, and Phillip presented at the Aiken Augusta SWUG in Augusta, GA. The content of these presentations revolved around large assembly optimization, automatic revision tables in PDM, and Smart Components. However, these guys changed the game with a new approach by delivering these presentations using EpiGrid cloud solutions, such as Cloud-hosted PDM and GPU enabled workstations (VDI). These tools enable collaboration with CAD, and SOLIDWORKS specifically, like never before.

EpiGrid: The Best Cloud CAD Software for SOLIDWORKS Users

Although the content of these presentations focused on core functionality within SOLIDWORKS, the continuous thread that kept everything together was how EpiGrid’s Cloud Solutions increase performance and promote collaboration for SOLIDWORKS users in large assemblies, PDM, and other aspects of the software. As you might suspect, many of the users in attendance were interested to see the possibilities enabled by the Cloud, and it was a surprise to most that SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud is a reality today. EpiGrid is here to change that tune.

Stay tuned for more information, customer stories, and pointed content from EpiGrid, and our partners like Converge and DesignPoint, about how these industry-leading Cloud Solutions are helping customers remove their IT constraints and realize the power of the Cloud for their collaboration, CAD, PDM, PLM, and ERP needs.