Quality Plus Manufacturing Realizes Significant Efficiency Gains by Deploying EpiGrid’s Cloud-Based CAD & PDM Company Solution

QPM is a trusted source for design, engineering, and manufacturing in the farming industry. They were experiencing CAD and IT inefficiencies, costing them precious time and money. Enter EpiGrid. EpiGrid's Cloud-based CAD & PDM company solutions and virtual desktop instances (VDI) alleviated the pain.

"The EpiGrid team is made up of engineers who really understood our critical business and technical needs and spoke our language. Ultimately, the EpiGrid solution has allowed my team to do what they do best."

-Dan Forsyth, QPM President

FASTER PERFORMANCE—Created more time in their day by boosting speeds by 10X

Previous check-in and check-out times for large assemblies were 20-60 minutes. With EpiGrid's new technology, times have dropped to only 2-5 minutes, increasing productivity and saving time.


FEWER HEADACHES—Eliminated IT costs, headaches, and distractions to allow them to focus on what they do best

With no in-house IT department, QPM wasted valuable design time troubleshooting IT issues and faced rising infrastructure upkeep costs of more than $15-20,000. Now they have smoothed out expenditures and created a predictable operational budget.

MORE ACCESSIBILITY—Freely enable high-performance access anytime, any place, on any device

Before EpiGrid's Solution, QPM's engineers could not work remotely. Now, utilizing EpiGrid's VDI solution, employees can experience the flexibility of working efficiently from anywhere in the world.

COST SAVINGS—QPM saved money by extending the life of their hardware

Before EpiGrid’s CAD and PDM cloud-based company services, outdated hardware and computer equipment were a sunk cost. Using EpiGrid's new VDI solution, QPM can now use any device, including older computers, to quickly perform SOLIDWORKS tasks. Old hardware is being resurrected, revitalized, and redeployed throughout the enterprise.

EpiGrid provides game-changing solutions. Working with businesses from one-person shops to Fortune 500 companies, our customers realize huge savings in time and money, empowering them to focus more on what they do best.

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