Oiles Case Study

DriveWorks Hosting Partner, EpiGrid, Host DriveWorks Cloud-Based CAD ConfigurationsĀ 

EpiGrid is a comprehensive information systems service provider with a passion for supplying cloud-based CAD technology solutions for engineering industries. Our focus is on engineering software implementation and management, data management systems, and design optimization technology.

EpiGrid joined the DriveWorks Partner Program in May 2015 as a Hosting Partner. Our solution for DriveWorks gives customers a new advantage in the marketplace and the ability to adapt to new technologies and competitors. Recently we've been working with DriveWorks customer Oiles America Corporation.

Hosting DriveWorks for Oiles America Corporation

EpiGrid hosts and supports Oiles America Corporation's entire engineering IT compute environment in the Cloud. This includes DriveWorks, CAD, and PDM. The services that we provide for Oiles include:

  • Desktop virtualization (VDI)
  • Network architecture optimization and development
  • System administration and consultation

The Oiles environment included multiple servers within a private network, and users accessed the Cloud-based CAD servers using VPN connections. We created this environment using multiple servers arranged in a hosted private domain allocating individual servers to perform specific tasks.

Evolving the Hosting Environment

Initially, Oiles selected EpiGrid to host DriveWorks and PDM in the Cloud with a dedicated server environment. Due to the hosted nature of the environment, Oiles has been able to leverage our other resources to build out the system using various service providers steadily.

Oiles overcame internal resource constraints and schedule requirements with an environment that is easily and economically scaled.

Applying Continued Training and DriveWorks Knowledge

Aside from hosting, we also provide managed services, which means we have specific expertise for each application we support. Working with Oiles, we understand their workflows, and because we understand DriveWorks, we can provide a great service.

DriveWorks World Introduces Cloud-Based CAD

DriveWorks' annual technical training event (DriveWorks World) was amazing. It was very beneficial, and we had the opportunity to meet a lot of DriveWorks customers, including CAD Engineer Ray McDaniel from Oiles America Corporation.

We find the kind of environment that DriveWorks World provides very interesting. The architecture of the DriveWorks product line lends itself very well to the Cloud hosted, managed service approach that EpiGrid offers, so we were pleased to be involved.

Oiles America Corporation and EpiGrid

While at DriveWorks world, we spoke with Ray McDaniel to determine what he thought of Oiles' experience with EpiGrid as a DriveWorks Hosting Partner. This is what he had to say:

"Epigrid is a valued partner that has provided a hosted environment for both SOLIDWORKS PDM and DriveWorks for Oiles America Corporation. EpiGrid remains a company that we plan on working with as more products come online and to further integrate DriveWorks with other software packages that we are using."

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