Remove Burdens and Constraints by Increasing IT Capacity with Cloud Storage for CAD Files

Enterprise level IT for engineers

Enterprise-Level IT for Engineers Is Hard, but It Doesn’t Have To Be

Enterprise-level IT is hard, and the additional engineering/CAD data requirements only make it harder. With multiple office locations across several continents in many cases, keeping your engineering data secure AND accessible often seems unattainable. If you’ve ever connected two or more separate engineering departments into one cohesive unit and one source of data, you’ve most likely encountered obstacles. Whether those obstacles are latency, security, performance, or compliance our global hybrid Cloud solution has the answers. EpiGrid can bridge that gap with dynamic cloud storage for CAD files and other enterprise products.

What About CAD and PDM Security? Cover Your Assets.

Data security is the core of why EpiGrid exists. Not long ago, a local server in an office or central office location stored all engineering product data. Data security was deceptively easier because all data was consumed and controlled in one single place. Data security against malicious attacks is more top of mind with the shift to a more remote workforce collaborating from home, airports, job sites, and coffee shops. Explore how we manage and secure your data, making it safer now than it ever was in your office. Click below to learn about our data security protocols.

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Is Your Engineering and Product Design Team Working Remotely?

Whether your engineering team operates in one office, two offices, ten offices, or no offices, EpiGrid can provide your team with a fully managed Cloud-hosted infrastructure that securely ties into your existing IT environment. We are an IT company that speaks engineering. We’ve invested heavily in private, public, and hybrid Cloud resources to seamlessly integrate your existing engineering data and tools with the rest of the office. Click below to learn more about how we enable seamlessly distributed workforces.

Concerned About CAD in the Cloud Solution Integration?

We’ve designed our Cloud infrastructure to integrate into your existing IT environment. With three options to choose from - private, public, and hybrid Cloud, you can be sure that the tools and resources you’ve already invested in will continue to provide value. At the same time, our expertise in the Cloud space for engineering groups will ensure that you get the perfect combination of Cloud resources and local in-house resources. Click each option below to determine which would fit your organization best.

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Wondering About CAD and PDM Setup, Configuration, and Administration?

Historically, the setup, configuration, and administration of these CAD systems evolved into a game of tug-of-war between IT, engineering, and suppliers that inevitably resulted in delays that left the end-users jaded and frustrated. With over ten years of experience in delivering and managing engineering cloud solutions for customers worldwide, we have perfected our solution delivery process to allow engineers to focus on engineering and IT to focus on IT. Our goal is to keep everyone happy with our economical, fully managed Cloud solution that virtually eliminates the IT burden and does it immediately after deployment. Click below to speak to a sales representative today about removing the IT barriers to a successful distributed engineering/CAD infrastructure.

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