EpiGrid IS… Technology Solutions for Engineers by Engineers.

A company’s ability to scale is paramount. Today’s engineering environment is rapidly evolving and competition now comes from every corner of the world. True marketplace advantages include improvements to partner/supply chain integration, secure accessibility to sensitive data, and cutting overhead IT costs. EpiGrid understands these challenges and has developed game changing approaches to maximize your company’s readiness.

EpiGrid IS lowering your overhead IT costs.

EpiGrid IS… Engineering without limits.

EpiGrid is changing the way engineering firms compete by leveraging today’s most cutting-edge cloud technologies. As engineers ourselves, we at EpiGrid, have learned how to best leverage Information Technologies to solve the familiar challenges faced by engineers everywhere. But, IT solutions are only effective if they are utilized after implementation. To help your company make the most out of these IT solutions, we’ve developed and adapted an Information Systems, or IS infrastructure to help your company maximize our IT solutions. As a comprehensive solution provider, we are proud to announce an expansion of services aimed to provide cloud-hosting solutions for the software applications, and tools that drive successful collaboration.

EpiGrid IS… Collaboration without boundaries.

With EpiGrid’s expansion of services and a broad range of IT capabilities, we are able to provide cloud hosted solutions for almost any type of engineering company. More specifically, we have developed a cloud hosted solution for buy Prozac tablets SOLIDWORKS WorkGroup and source link SOLIDWORKS EnterprisePDM. As one of eleven SOLIDWORKS Certified Service Partners, you can trust our implementation and configuration expertise. However, the real value EpiGrid brings to customers is our ability to provide engineering software management solutions for SOLIDWORKS partner products.

Our engineering heritage gives us unique insight as compared to other IT experts, and enables us to provide incredibly powerful, yet cost-effective, solutions for other engineering companies.

EpiGrid IS…
DriveWorks Hosted Infrastructure.

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