go to link Companies today are faced with the challenge of a complex and hypercompetitive global market. Aggressive competition from emerging economies coupled with increasing costs in creating continued innovation make product differentiation a challenge. For these companies to thrive globally, they need to look at how they can speed up their internal decision making, and also their integration with partners up and down the value chain so as to enable fast responses to marketplace demands and the development and delivery of innovative products.

The promise of cloud solutions can serve as an integration backbone for inter-enterprise collaboration through virtualization of the IT infrastructure. Data can be exchanged any time and from anywhere between enterprises across the world over the cloud. This enables better and faster decision-making capabilities across trading partners operating in the same value chain, and in turn drives new levels of innovation. However, perceived security concerns continue to be the single most important barrier to cloud adoption. This is a general perception that if the data is not on-premise, it is not secure.
However, IDC research also shows that most security breaches come from inside the organization, and having all data in a central repository in a professionally managed cloud environment can in fact provide more security than leaving it to an organization. This is especially so for small and mediumsized businesses (SMBs) which tend to have limited budget and skills to manage security effectively.
This White Paper details the key issues impacting the on-premise and cloud environment for product development. It also discusses how organizations, especially SMBs, are responding to or should address the cloud security dilemma to maintain a competitive advantage.
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