No matter what your industry, no matter what you design, Product Data Management (PDM) is a reality we all must face. Not long ago, PDM meant dragging and dropping your model onto a USB thumb drive and handing it to a fellow designer, or the marketing team, or even a customer for review. Well, we all know that thumb drives fail, files become corrupted, and the risk always exists that two separate sets of alterations could be made by two different designers without the other one knowing. If you’ve ever lived through any of these scenarios, then you understand the value of quality PDM.

We all have data to manage, and luckily SOLIDWORKS provides its users with two PDM options that each provide a tremendous value. Enterprise PDM is the crown jewel in the SOLIDWORKS PDM portfolio, with a secure data vault powered by Microsoft SQL Server, the ability to set user permissions, full revision control, BOM management, the ability to reuse designs directly in the interface, and more. The one perceived drawback to Enterprise PDM is the cost can be too much for a small to medium sized business. We believe firmly that the cost is justified, but for some companies, it may seem prohibitive. However, many SOLIDWORKS users aren’t even aware that there is another Product Data Management option built right into SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium: buy Lyrica 150 mg online Workgroup PDM.

For SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium users, Workgroup PDM provides a simplified data vault with many of the highlights mentioned above for Enterprise PDM, for the low, low price of FREE. Revision control, property filters, the ability to reuse designs, and many other options are available to Workgroup PDM users, all within the context of a secure data vault.
There’s only one problem with Workgroup PDM: it will likely be disappearing soon. At this year’s SOLIDWORKS World, a new PDM platform was announced: Enterprise PDM Standard. Every single seat of SOLIDWORKS will include a license of EPDM Standard once this new product is made available to the public. We’ve been told that EPDM Standard will more resemble the current Enterprise PDM instead of Workgroup PDM. The idea is that migrating from EPDM Standard to the full version of EPDM will be more streamlined. We see the writing on the wall, if EPDM Standard is successful, which we assume that it will be, Workgroup PDM will be redundant and cease to exist.

The Good News

The EpiGrid hosted PDM solution has you covered no matter what program you use for Product Data Management. We have a solution in place to host your Workgroup PDM vault, or even set your company up from scratch on a brand new hosted Workgroup PDM vault. Once EPDM Standard is released and made available to all SOLIDWORKS users, we will implement and migrate your entire vault to eliminate down-time and headaches associated with vault migration. This implementation and migration is 100% covered in your service agreement when you host your Workgroup PDM vault with EpiGrid.

So take advantage of Workgroup PDM while it’s here, and rest assured that when the time for EPDM Standard finally does arrive, all it will take to make the switch is a call to one of our techs.
The EpiGrid hosted solution is 100% scalable, so your vault and PDM infrastructure can grow right along with your company. The best part about our entire range of solutions is that you aren’t limited to location when accessing your vault. Access your vault from anywhere in the world through our secure VPN client, on any device with an internet connection. This is true for hosted Workgroup PDM vaults, Enterprise PDM vaults, and will continue to be the case for EPDM Standard vaults when the time comes. Our hosted solution gives you the flexibility and scalability to manage your data safely, quickly, and from anywhere in world, no matter which PDM platform you choose.

Host your WorkGroup PDM vault with EpiGrid today! Contact EpiGrid now for a FREE consultation or schedule an absolutely FREE DEMO.